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Website Age Checker Pro Version

Did you run out of website age checks? Don’t worry, we have a Pro version available, which allows you to do an unlimited amount of single scans. You can purchase the Website Age Checker Pro on our shop.

Want to Scan Website Ages in Bulk?

The Website Age Checker was created in the summer of 2020. We are developing it to provide better results and paid features, such as scanning a list of websites at once. We are also considering adding more information in the scan, such as the SSL-certificate status and website CMS. For such features, we would love to hear from our users, on what you consider the most important.

If you wish to get notified when these features are available, please leave us your email.

    How Do We Detect Website Age?

    Our tool looks up different factors in the site to determine its age. First, it fetches the webpage in the given url, and then scans through the HTML markup and content, to find indicators of the site age. Please note, that the scanner bases its results on the page you provide it. It does not scan the whole domain, and thus the results may vary a bit from page to page.

    The age the tool detects, is always an estimation, and might be thrown off by web page caching, CDN’s or some static site builders, which regenerate the site often. However, we do our best in optimizing the tool and making it provide as reliable results as possible.

    About Website Age Checker

    Website Age Checker was developed by Verkkovaraani. We had a need to find out the age of a website and found a neat way of figuring that out. Since it was so useful for us, we thought you might be interested in it too!

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